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AIT: Aleph in training.

AZA: Aleph Zadik Aleph; the male component of BBYO.

BBG: B’nai B’rith Girls; the female component of BBYO.

BBYO: The B’nai B’rith Youth Organization. An international, teen-led, Judaic movement that includes BBG, AZA, and BBYO chapters.

Beau: Beau/Sweetheart Dance. A formal BBYO dance occurring around December.

Beau/Sweetheart: An honorary member of the chapter from their brother/sister chapter. Announced at Beau/Sweetheart dance.

Business Meeting: A chapter or regional meeting to focus on past and upcoming events, what officers have been working on, and new chapter/ regional projects.

Caucus: A candidate announcing they are running for board to the Godol or chapter advisor.

Chairman: An international, regional, or chapter officer chosen through an application process. Chairman help board through planning events/conventions, making releases, etc.

CLTC: Chapter Leadership Training Conference.

CRW: Central Region West BBYO, a region in the international order that includes all of Northern California and Hawaii.

Delegation: The rank of officer positions of the board.

Election: An annual event regionally/internationally and biannual event in chapters where members are elected board positions through voting.

Event: A few hours spend with BBYO made up of multiple programs.

Folds: The five categories of programming that are the basis of AZA and all events.

GAG: Grand Aleph Godol, aka the International Godol.

Gary: A grizzly bear who is CRW AZA’s mascot.

Gavel: A mallet-like instrument used by the Godol to keep order during meetings.

Gizbor/Gizborit: Treasurer.

Godol: Male President.

Good and Welfare: A brotherhood program in which all event participants are given a chance to express their feelings. A lighted candle is passed from member to member as they speak. Everything that is said is confidential.

Havdallah: A Jewish Ceremony used to conclude Shabbat and start the new week. Havdallah is followed by cheers.

High Board: The Godol, S’gan, Moreh/N’siah, S’ganit, and Morah.

IC: International Convention at which International elections take place.

ILSI: International Leadership Study in Israel.

ILTC: International Leadership Training Conference.

Inductions: A ceremony to official bring AITs into the chapter or region.

Installations: A ceremony held to officially install officers into their new positions and discharge officers from their past position.

International Kallah: Summer program based around Judaism.

Kickoff: A fun regional dance to kick-off the BBYO year.

Life Ceremony: A BBYO graduation ceremony where a graduating senior has the opportunity to share what he/she learned from AZA or BBG and where others can tell stories about him/her.

Mazkir/Mazkirah: Secretary. Keeps chapter updated about events

Midstates: A speech given in the middle of the term to discuss accomplishments, problems, and future goals.

Moreh/Morah: Vice president on membership. In charge of the three R’s: recruitment, retention, and re-education.

N’siah: Female, BBG Chapter President.

Opening Ceremonies: The official way to start an  AZA/BBG business meeting. 

Oratory: The only serious spirit competition where chapters prepare a speech/performance on a specific social action topic.

Paper Member: A member who rarely or never attends events.

Parli-Pro: Parliamentary Procedure. Official rules for carrying out business.

PIT: Parent in training.

Politicking: Discussing what you are running for with anyone besides your chapter advisor or Godol or discussing what others are running for.

Programming: The activities at an event

Prospective: A guy or girl who hasn’t joined BBYO but has attended an event or is considering attending an event.

Quorum: A certain number of people needed for certain events (elections, Midstates, etc.). For the region, one member from 2/3 of the chapters must be present and four regional board members. Chapters need half their members plus one.

RAG: Regional Aleph Godol.

Recording Mazkir: Recording secretary who takes minutes at business meetings

Regional Kallah: A regional convention based around Judaic learning.

Safran/Safranit: Memory keeper; photographer.

Servers: A purchased regional board member purchased by a chapter of the opposite sex who must do what that chapter requests from the chapter at a convention; formerly known as slaves.

S’gan/S’ganit: Vice president of programming; in charge of planning events.

Shark: A member of Dreidel. Unofficially adopted in reference to one another but not used by other chapters

Sister Chapter: For a BBG chapter, a close-by BBG chapter they are paired with through the region and has frequency events together. For an AZA chapter, a BBG chapter in the same territory they have frequent events with.

SiWi: Simon Wiesenthal AZA.

Spooey: The international BBG food. Pretzels dipped in frosting.

Spirit Competitions: A series of competitions between chapters. They include making/writing a scrapbook, banner, movie, cheer, slow song, fast song, story, and oratory.

Spring: The last convention of the programming year where elections and installations occur.

Stairway to Heaven: Played as the last song at BBYO dance; the song where Alephs and BBGs hook up.

Stand-Up: An International campaign to raise awareness and money for a cause. The campaign is focused around regions standing up for what they believe in.

States: A speech delivered at the end of the term to reflect on the past term, discuss current problems, provide solutions, and give goals for the next term.

The Shofar: The International BBYO newspaper.

Visitations: When the regional board goes to events for other chapters to try and understand what the chapter is doing well and what they can improve on.

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